10 Affordable Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom to give it a Fresh Look

In a home, every room has its function and while they are all very important and essential to the homeowners, some rooms carry more significance than others. This significance can be defined by function, or by the amount of time spent in them, and this makes the bathroom one of the most important rooms in the house. Thanks to both its numerous functions and the number of times the bathroom may be visited in a day, especially when guests are over, the bathroom ranks very highly insignificance. Due to this importance, your bathroom needs to look as appealing to the eye as possible. No one wants their bathroom to look terrible and whether it’s due to constant usage or inactivity, a bathroom may end up looking somewhat undesirable. In some cases, you may simply just want to renovate your bathroom and give it a new look, regardless of what the reason is, it is always a great idea to have your bathroom look nice.

Whenever we hear the word remodel or renovate, the next thing we think of is cost and in some cases, this can put us off a great idea. The average cost to renovate a bathroom may not seem so friendly to you, but there are great ways to remodel or renovate your bathroom, without incurring extravagant costs. Renovating your bathroom can be an easy affair, with little costs and materials, and many processes that you can carry out yourself, rather than hire a contractor. With these methods, making little changes, you can have your bathroom looking fresh.

  1. Addition of wallpapers:

    In cases where painting may prove too expensive, do not be discouraged, as wallpapers offer a solution that is just as efficient. Wallpapers are super cheap and have different designs for bathroom that can suit anyone’s requirements. The best thing about wallpapers is the fact that they are removable. If at any point you decide you don’t like the wallpaper anymore, you can easily take it down and replace it with something else.

  2. Repaint your walls:

    Paint fades after a while, and while it may not be ideal, you may need to repaint your walls as needed. There are cheap paints available that will provide the same beautifying effect as the more expensive options, but may not last as long. You can make your choice in keeping with your budget and still have a great result. The paint will help give your bathroom some color, and can even have a pleasant smell.

  3. Get fresh towels:

    Whenever a person visits the bathroom, the next thing to do is wash their hands, and the towels are used to dry the hands. Thanks to their frequent use, towels can get damp and may even produce foul odor after a while. In order to keep the thing looking nice and prevent any odors, towels should be replaced before they get defaced.

  4. Add a shower rug:

    The bathroom floor also requires special attention. Tiles are the best option, but they may sometimes prove to be too expensive. Even when you have tiles, you may still consider adding in a rug. The rug prevents the floor from looking bare and provides somewhere to wipe your feet, rather than leave watermarks on the floor as you leave the shower. The rug also provides a pleasant look to the bathroom, giving the floor a beautiful look.

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  5. Make use of shower curtains:

    Shower curtains are very common and are easily affordable. Shower curtains not only provide privacy in the shower but also prevents excessive splashing of water out of the shower. While the base functions of the shower curtain are impressive enough to make you want one, that’s not all it provides. The shower curtains are usually styled and can add to the beauty of the bathroom.

  6. Insert a shelf:

    Shelves are very useful in the bathroom. Rather than putting all your items into the cupboard which are usually closed, you can add shelves to your bathroom. The shelves allow for proper ventilation on all your bathroom items, ranging from soaps to towels. The shelves also help to have all your materials arranged in a convenient location that is easy to access and making your bathroom look organized and tidy.

  7. Add a bit of fragrance:

    Without any additional action, the bathroom will start to smell funky and can get rather uncomfortable to visit. Regular cleaning can help keep bad odor away, but it may be best to add a little fragrance to the bathroom. Scented candles and artificial fragrances are easily affordable and will not only help eliminate unpleasant odor but also generate pleasant smells in your bathroom.

  8. Get creative with the floors:

    The floor is not always the most obvious location or part of the bathroom, but it can do a lot to make your bathroom look fresh. The most obvious action to take would be to tile the floors, but this can sometimes be a bit expensive. Thanks to advancements, floor paints are now available and can give your floor a new look.

  9. Add adequate lights:

    The bathroom usually has lights, but lighting effects may be a lot better to give your bathroom a fresh look. Designer lights, colored light and other kinds of lights may be employed to help highlight all the other features of the bathroom, and still, have the added benefit of beautifying the bathroom.

  10. Add some plants:

    Nature is always a nice addition to any location and the bathroom is no exception. Plants can be added to help beautify the bathroom and can also help provide a pleasant atmosphere. If natural plants prove too much work for you, you can go with artificial plants and just have the beautifying effect of the plant.

All these tasks are easily affordable and can be carried out manually without any help. Some of the tasks may require some instructions to ensure that they are carried out properly and yield the desired results.

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