5 Bathroom Design & Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Are you planning to redecorate or remodel your bathroom from start to finish? But the budget is impeding you then you should continue reading this article.

See we all know kitchen and bathroom renovations are quite expensive home projects. But it will not cost you high if done with little planning and creativity without spending your hard-earned savings.

According to renowned brands like Kohler, Signature Hardware, HomeZada bathroom remodeling can be smartly executed if you follow a few tips and tricks. Hence we have sorted a few remodeling ideas on a budget. Let us take a look:

How Much I Have To Spend on Remodeling a Bathroom?

This is the first and important question that comes in our mind as we need to make sure we don’t fall short with money while refurbishing. Otherwise, this will be another big problem.

Before we proceed towards the renovation ideas you should be aware of an average estimated cost that you will spend on redesigning. This cost may vary from $9,000 to $20,000 depending upon high-end spectrum renovation. This cost is inclusive of all taxes and fittings like faucets, sink, bathtubs as well as vanity, countertop, and tiling.

Remember upgrading your home bathroom project is adding value to your home. So, begin with determining the average amount you are willing to spend. If your budget is the low end you have to stick to the basic cosmetic changes like new fixtures (sink, tiles or paints). If you have sufficient budget you can think bigger and better like Jacuzzi, shower or window etc.

5 Inexpensive Bathroom Design & Remodeling Ideas:

Are you excited? I am more than you. Let’s see what you can do to design or remodel your bathroom within the projected budget.

1. Paint It Out

If you don’t want to spend a big amount for refurbishing. The cheapest and the most effective way is to get your washroom painted to achieve a new look.

Here’s a little warning. If you think this will take less time? Dear friend, you may be wrong. My bathroom is compact then why is it time-consuming? It is because painting nearby windows, bathtubs, shower, faucets and mirror needs patience and time. So make sure you ensure time while renovation.

Another thing is molds that popped up due to moisture and has settled on the ceiling and walls. This is created due to humidity and temperature. If you have this issue go for a satin finish paint or special bathroom paint that hampers molds growth.

2. Limit Tiling

Tiling is expensive when you hire a contractor for getting the job done. If you have to changes tiles limit it as per the basic requirement. Like focusing on floors or near the shower is a better idea rather covering up? Even to save to core you can use tiles horizontally near the wall and rest leave for paint.

If you want an expensive designed tile attached in your bathroom use it as a centerpiece and pairs it with cheaper tiles. In this way, the artistic tile will show more and will save a huge amount.

3. Revise Fixtures

Look little details around your bathroom. Sink faucets, lightings, racks, drawers are small investments but make a huge difference. You might think that I won’t be logical to change them but trust me your bathroom look will enhance quickly.

Also, you can opt for some DIY towel rack or lighting ideas that can be handmade and customized according to your bathroom design. One of my friends used hand-painted containers around bathtubs with handcrafted candles to intensify the look.

4. Save on Counter Tops

People usually spend on granite countertops this is quite common as it is smaller than kitchen sinks hence in the budget.

How to save money on it? Typically colors like white, brown, tan and light beige are demanding colors and expensive. You can go for other underrated colors like pink, black, etc. which is different from the lead.

You can even buy a slab that has imperfections. The more the imperfection the cheaper the product is. Remember your kitchen sink will cover up the area and it will not be visible.

Right now DIY old dressers as sink pedestal are in trend. Simply cutting it and inserting in drawers etc which will save thousands of dollars straight just keep patience and tools with you.

5. Buy Second-Hand Products

If you purchase used products you can save a lot on fixtures and faucets. You can buy them in refurbished stores or online. These could be fun and easily upcycle your bathroom with limited resources.

Are You Ready for Bathroom Modification?

Don’t let your budget pull you towards getting your dream bathroom. We are here to help you. If you have any queries then it’s you need to take out some time to share your views with us. Have a great day!


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